Experience Requirement

The Apollo Security Team Campaign requires all players to have at least 3000 Rank Experience.

Available Classes

Security Team

The Security Team rushes to find other survivors.

Story Missions

These missions are required to complete the Apollo Security Team Campaign. They are completed in a linear fashion, until you must decide the fate of Apollo. Your teams decision will effect what Bosses you face, and how great your rewards will be.

Chapter 1: 28 Days Later


Activate the Armory

Fortress Holdout

Boss 1: Deimos

Send a Distress Signal

The Second Holdout

Investigate the Laboratory

Boss 2: Nazara

Deactivate HAL

Chapter 2: Hidden Hand

Find Dr. Bergmann

Boss 3: Apoptosis

Activate the Ivax

Chapter 3: Title

The Fate of Apollo

Option A: Destroy Apollo

Secure the Access Codes

Destroy the Reactor

Boss 4: Hephaestus

Final Mission: Escape Apollo

Option B: Save Apollo

Boss 4: Athena

Seal the Bio-Domes (Apollo Sec Team)

Final Boss: Hades

True Final Boss: Hades Final Form

Optional Missions

Although not necessary to complete a campaign, these side-missions can earn a team extra experience and other useful rewards for their completion.

Find Ogilvy/Ivan

Infestor Hunt

Kill the Brain Bug Queen

Activate the Auto-Turrets



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