The Apollo Research Labs search from above.

Dr. Bergmann's research lab.

Easy CompanyEdit

The team will visit the lab after opening the gates to the Apollo Mining Colony. They will find Dr. Bergmann in there who will open up the Bio-Domes one at a time for the team to clear the different zombies held within.

Alpha CompanyEdit

Alpha Company enters the lab after holding off the waves of zombies. In the lab, you will meet Dr. Tanaka and Dr. Gunjan. After a brief conversation, Dr. Gunjan transforms into Cronus which the team has to battle. Afterwards, the team try to protect Dr. Tanaka who is trying to finish his research. Once he has finished, he releases a gas which disorientates the team, known as the Noxious Gas Sequence.

Apollo Security TeamEdit

The Security Team investigates a mysterious transmission in the lab, which turns out to be fake and marks the beginning of the Nazara battle.

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