Experience Requirement

The Alpha Company Campaign requires all players to have at least 1000 Rank Experience.

Available Classes

Alpha Company

Alpha Company deploys under heavy attack.

Story Missions

These missions are required to complete the Alpha Company Campaign. They are completed in a linear fashion, until you must decide the fate of Dr. Tanaka. Regardless of your team's decision, all bosses are fought.

Chapter 1: The Marines Have Landed

Regroup and Hold the Line!

Rendezvous with the Corpsmen

Armory Counterattack

Find Charlie

Boss 1: Demeter

High Ground Holdout

Reach the Laboratory

Boss 2: Cronus

Protect Tanaka

Noxious Gas Sequence

Stop Dr. Tanaka

Boss 3: Cerberus

Chapter 2: Title

Choose the Fate of Tanaka

Option A: Spare Dr. Tanaka

Release the Bio-Toxins

Option B: Kill Dr. Tanaka

Destroy the Compliance Nexus

Boss 4: Ivax

Chapter 3: Redemption

Final Boss: Perses

Optional Missions

Although not necessary to complete a campaign, these side-missions can earn a team extra experience and other useful rewards for their completion.


Activate the Auto-Turrets

Find Ogilvy/Ivan

Infestor Hunt

Kill the Brain Bug Queen

Communications Tower Mission

Chemical Leak

Nagakawa Bay Civilian Rescue

Delta-2 Transport Vessel Civilian Rescue

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