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In Game Appearance
Weapon Information
Weapon Name: 590A5 Combat Shotgun
Ammo Consumption: 2 per Shot
Item Rarity: Common
Weapon Statistics
Base Damage: 35
Armor Reduction: 1
Attack Speed: 1.55
Splash Radius: 4
Range: 4.5
Reload: 4
Equip Time: 2.2
Weapon Weight: 10
Targets: Air & Ground
Damage Modifiers
Versus Biological: +0
Versus Light: +5
Versus Armored: +0
Versus Massive: +35
Versus Psionic: +0
Versus Heroic: +0
Versus Mechanical: +0
Versus Structure: +0
Other Information
Nickname(s): Sg, Shotty
Available in Recruit: Yes
Credit Cost: 200
Unique Trait: Chance to stun

Shotgun does damage to multiple units in a close distance.

Uses 2 rounds per shot.

("I could aim but with this thing, I don't have to." - Sgt. Arnold)

Slow and powerful, the shotgun is a beast. It eats ammo, yet is slow to fire, setting it in the middle ground for ammo consumption. It has very low range, making it better suited for players that need to be up close, like mando/tanks. They are fairly uncommon, but one can always be found at the Helipad except in the Apollo Security Team Campaign.

Unique Stun

Given the shotgun's massive amount of firepower and sheer energy output, the force of the impact is often enough to briefly stun most enemies. The shotgun boasts a 30% chance to mini-stun any non-massive enemy it hits for 0.1 seconds.

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